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Do Red Hat Ranch burgers need to be thawed?

No, they are meant to be cooked frozen.

Can Red Hat Ranch burgers be eaten if they have defrosted?

It is not recommended.

How many Red Hat Ranch burgers should I make for my
family of five?

An adult will usually eat 1 or 2. Children will likely eat ½ of a burger.

When is the Red Hat Ranch burger “done”?

Officially, the meat is cooked when the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

When do I flip the Red Hat Ranch burger?

A good rule of thumb is once the juices from the burger are coming out clear then it’s time to flip. You need only flip once.

Can I refreeze Red Hat Ranch burgers that were
accidently defrosted?

It is not recommended.

What if I can’t find Red Hat Ranch burgers or my grocer doesn’t carry the flavor I like?

Please ask the meat manager that they begin stocking the burger you want. Some stores can special order it for you!

How long will a box of Red Hat Ranch burgers last
in the freezer?

Check the sell by date. If the burgers have been kept frozen the entire time then you can enjoy them up until the sell by date on the box.


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